Murder Becomes Manhattan

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The Murder Scenes
The Victim's Apartment
The Tribeca Loft

Tour the skyscrapers
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Make Dalton's perfect
grilled cheese sandwich
Irene ParkIrene Park
Research Assistant
The Lee Group

Born and Raised
Born in Cheongju, South Korea. Raised in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Degree in computer science from Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

Key Achievements
Assisted Dalton with the design and execution of several of the world's most progressive structures, including airport terminals, performance halls, office buildings and government buildings.

Relationship Status

Hobbies and Favorites
Pop culture, especially television and film. The Korean social media site Cyworld.

Quotes from the Book
"But even the most persistent telemarketers don't call you nine times in one week," Irene pointed out. "And then suddenly stop a day or two after you've died."

"How would Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin wrap their minds around a twenty-two-year-old girl of Korean descent sitting in a coffee shop in the middle of Manhattan conversing through a small box with people thousands of miles away as she determined where in the world certain people live in an effort to foil a plot to bring down Western civilization?"

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