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Lara JärvinenLara Järvinen
Senior Principal / Partner
The Lee Group

Born and Raised
Kulosaari, Finland.

Bachelor's degree in architecture from Oulu University; MBA from Helsinki School of Economics.

Key Achievements
Assisted Dalton with the design and execution of several of the world's most progressive structures, including airport terminals, performance halls, office buildings and government buildings.

Overseen the business operations of The Lee Group since its inception.

Relationship Status
Single; daughter of Eino Järvinen, considered one of the world's great 20th century architects.

Hobbies and Favorites
Needlepoint; orchids; prefers muted colors like gray, taupe, fawn, etc.

Quotes from the Book
"People complain about their privacy being invaded, yet here they are letting people know exactly where they are at all times."

"What we both know ... is that every time we think we know how The Organization operates, they surprise us."

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